Your 30's are supposed to be the best decade of your life. However, for Diane and her friends, it has also been a time of existential growth, ticking biological clocks, and heightened job dissatisfaction. Will these buds bloom into roses? Perhaps, so long as they have each other.


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What is ROSEBUD ?


ROSEBUD is a dramatic series that follows the lives of Diane and her best friends since college, who in approaching their mid to late 30s, continue to navigate life's many challenges both collectively and individually.  Theirs is a journey of what it is to be a woman of color in the 21st Century. Their bonds of friendship will be tested, their boundaries pushed, but together they will give each other the strength needed to overcome all obstacles. 


Rosebud Cast

Rosebud Cast


What is Tootsie ?

Tootsie is a multi-Media production company whose purpose is to fill the void for quality independent films and entertainment that are underrepresented, yet craved in the marketplace. Tootsie is in honor of LaKesha Glover's grandmother who passed away 8 years ago. She was very supportive of her career but never got a chance to see her grow in it. Rosebud is the 1st project of many under Tootsie.


Evelyn “Tootsie” Glover


Tootsie’s vision is to be the worlds leading independent film company, providing the best entertainment and training. We contend to develop the most creative, innovative and risk taking artist.Tootsie’s offer talented and underrated actors, directors and editors the opportunity for their voices to be heard. Tootsie’s core values are to encourage employee participation and creativity, to bring great film and television to the entertainment world.


Tootsie will supports The Vision of high quality independent filmmakers with creative collaboration at every step of the process. At Tootsie’s we combine our passion, ingenuity and talent to produce and birth great film and television. It is hard enough to do good work at any time, harder now in a competitive film and television marketplace. Nevertheless, we will only bring true art, talented atists and clear-cut honest work  which we believe will be the best way to ensure results that will make a difference in today's entertainment world.




LaKesha D. Glover created the ROSEBUD 8 years ago, while living in Los Angeles She was inspired by the bond between her and her best friends for over 22 years.  Six lives, six different personalities facing their own obstacles, but it's their strong sisterhood that gets them through. It took her a few years to bring it together but the time is HERE!